The following are three examples of podcasts made by the IA 400 Capstone course in the Spring semester of 2019.

 Fanessa Elysdalia de la Rosa, from New York, New York, is receiving her B.A. in Engineering and International Affairs and a minor in French. She focuses her studies within the IA department on development in Africa. Given her personal and academic background, Fanessa’s decision to research the globalization of cassava stems from her drive to find the connection between seemingly opposing experiences. Cassava serves as a valuable case study in understanding how power influences access and the role of commodities in people’s lives. After she graduates, Fanessa will be pursuing a career in international development specifically in sustainable community development with a focus on STEM initiatives.

The Globalization of Cassava

Daniel Gonzalez is an International Affairs and Engineering Studies double major focused on the use of data in cities to shape our everyday lives. He chose Uber as a case study because of its growing influence on the labor market and gig economy, especially in urban areas. Other interests include Sustainability, Renewable Energy Systems, and blockchain.


Uber: Changing Mobility and Labor

 Joann Sexton is an International Affairs and Asian Studies double major with a minor in English Literature at Lafayette College. Her interests include East Asian culture, international relations and security policy, global crime organizations, global governance and all things Disney. She credits the inspiration for her podcast to her obsession with the Netflix series Narcos.

“That’s Dope!”: the Globalization of Heroin and the War on Drugs